Printable templates and files - FAQs

Wedding Invitation Templates - FAQsWhere can I download Connie & Joan printable wedding templates?
View Connie & Joan Printable Wedding Stationery Templates here.

Are the files available instantly, or do I have to wait?
Yes! Upon purchase, the files are all available instantly to download and start working on!

I have a Mac not a computer (PC), do the files still work on a Mac?
Yes, the files are compatible with PCs & Macs.

What format are the templates?
Connie & Joan make editable Word document templates and also PDF templates.  
For Word templates, you will need either Word or Pages installed on your computer or Mac.  
For PDF templates, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free to download on the Adobe website). 
Note: these templates are not compatible with tablets or mobile devices.

Where can I find help and tips on customising your stationery templates?
Follow this link for further help, tips and tricks, on Word document and PDF templates.

I want to send my finished template to a local printing shop, is that possible?
Yes!  Most printers like PDF files to print from.  So if you are working with a Word document template, simply save it as a PDF before sending it to them.  This will ensure the fonts are preserved... meaning the recipient won't need to install the fonts on their end.  
To save a Word template as a PDF:
'File', 'Save As', then choose 'PDF' from the dropdown menu under 'format' or 'type'. Choose 'best for printing' if you have that option.  
In Pages, you would go to 'File', 'Export to PDF' and choose 'best' under image quality. 

I'm not so good on a computer, are the templates easy to use?
Yes! Whether you're new to these types of templates or have some knowledge, you will find inputting your wording and changing font colours very easy.  Should you need any help, I provide easy to follow instructions with the download, but you can always contact me and I'll be happy to help.

On the Word document templates, how do I download and install fonts?

  1. Download the fonts. The Instruction file included with your download has links to the free fonts used in the templates. Follow the link and click the 'Download' button on the web page for downloading the font file. 
  2. Locate and double click the font file in your Downloads folder. Click 'Install' when prompted.
  3. Restart Word. (It is at start up of Word that the font list is populated, and it is at that point that the newly installed fonts will be included and your files will display as they should).