Terms of Use for Printable Templates

  • After purchase, you may print as many times as you want, either for personal use or to give away as a gift but the digital file may not be shared or sold.

  • Files may not be shared (either by email, file sharing websites, or other means), or given away as "freebies" or in giveaways. 

  • The file is meant for use only by the purchaser, but you can print as many as you'd like for personal use/gifts. 

  • Purchased files may not be resold for a profit (digitally or physically). 

  • Purchased files may not be used to create products meant for digital or physical sale under any circumstances.

  • Files may not be used in any website, banner, blog, logo, etc. 

  • Please do not upload the full-resolution file to any website or blog

  • Purchase does not transfer rights. 

  • Copyright of designs remains with the artist. 

  • By purchasing items on our website or our Etsy shop, you have agreed to the full terms of use listed above.