Printing Pantry Jar Labels

Printing Labels, such as wine bottles, kitchen pantry + spice jar labels...

Hi!... I'm Lizzie, designer/creator behind Connie & Joan! Printing Pantry Labels
Many people ask me how to print their wine bottle labels and pantry and spice jar labels, so I wanted to share some tips here.  A lot of it depends on how you want to print, and the first question is: 

Are you able to Print your Labels at Home?

If you are looking to have wipe or waterproof labels, first of all check that your printer can print on this type of paper.  Generally I would say that laser printers can handle waterproof labels, but I would still double check the printer's manual first. 

Spice Jar LabelsThen I would ask whether you want to print on one full label/sticker sheet or on a branded pre-scored label sheet.  Here are the options:
>>Printing onto Full Size label/sticker sheet (i.e. not pre-scored into smaller labels):   
With full label sheets you would cut each label individually - which gives you the option to cut at the size and shape you want.

To print multiples on a page, download as PDF and open in Acrobat Reader.  Click 'File', 'Print' and choose 'Multiple' under Page Sizing and Handling'.

Kitchen Pantry Printable Labels>>Using branded pre-scored labels (i.e. no cutting):  
As an example, Avery do a range of different sized pre-scored labels for various uses.  Their label sheets all come with different page set ups (i.e. the margins between each label and space at the top/bottom and sides will vary), so make sure you use the right template when using branded label sheets.   

With this option, download each label individually (either as a JPG or PNG) at the ‘Design Default Size’ (and not the full page size) to then insert it into the branded label's template.  

Spice Jar Label TemplateYou will find different brands selling full label sheets and also pre-scored label sheets, and that each brand provides their own templates with their label sheets - for pre-scored labels, always make sure you use their corresponding templates to avoid any misalignments. 

 If you'd like to try Avery, I recommend having a look at their design & print tool, which is great:


Templates for Kitchen Jar Labels

Tip: Make sure you've selected 'Edit One’ (on the right side), so that you can place each 'label' design into your template - i.e. you would download each label from Corjl individually as a JPG or PNG (and not all on one sheet), to then insert them one by one into the Avery tool. 



Here are some links to specific Avery Label sheets:

I hope that helps and makes sense...
Please let me know if would like your template set up to a different size and I'll happily adjust it for you.  

Should you have any questions about my templates, or need some help with one of them, please  message me here!  

Lizzie :)

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