How to Create a QR Code

QR Codes...  How do you make them?

How to make a QR code
When scanned, QR codes can be used as 'links' for different purposes.  Commonly, they are used to open URL addresses (website addresses).  This could be a website, a wedding RSVP page, a shared photo album, a payment page (like PayPal or Venmo), or other type of web page. 
In addition, you can also use them to send emails or SMS messages, add contacts to your address book, make calls, add calendar events...  and even join wifi networks! (see below for information on how to do this last one). 


Capture the Love - Scan to Upload Photos

A popular printable template in my shop is one that links guests to a shared photo and video album at a wedding reception.  "Capture the Love".   Here's a little more information about that...

First of all, you'd start off by creating a photo/video album, and a great place to create a shared photo album is with Google Photos (click the link for detailed information on setting up a photo album).  Other options for shared photo albums: Memento and LiveShareNow.  

Scan to upload photos to the shared photo albumAnyone who scans the QR code linking to this shared album can view and (if you set permission) upload their own photos and videos. You would create a QR code image based on the link (URL) to this shared album. 

Creating a QR code image to link to your shared album:
1. Go to goqr.me 
2. Click the globe icon for 'URL' and type in the address to link to your shared album (or other website address) in the Contents section. 
3. Download the PNG or JPG file of your QR code (the code will be generated and displayed on the right of the screen).  


Scan to connect to our wifi


There are two ways you can allow friends, family, guests or customers to quickly join your wi-fi.  The first way is to share the QR code link with them straight from your phone or tablet, and the second way is with a QR code sign, like this printable in my shop. 

Displaying a Wi-fi sign in your home or premises allows quick access to your wifi. 

Connect to our wifi sign

Creating a QR code image for connecting to your wi-fi:
1. Go to goqr.me 
2. Click the padlock icon 'wifi' and type in your Network name and Password in the Contents section.
3. Download the PNG or JPG file of your QR code (the code will be generated and displayed on the right of the screen).  



    I hope that helps and makes sense...
    Please let me know if would like your template set up to a different size and I'll happily adjust it for you.  

    Should you have any questions about my templates, or need some help with one of them, please  message me here!  

    Lizzie :)

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