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Tips & Recommendations for printing your own stationery and signs...

Hello! I'm Lizzie, designer/creator behind Connie & Joan ~ diy stationery, canvas gifts and wedding stationery templates.

Printing Templates:
To help you save more money, I've teamed up with some reputable printing websites who print in different sizes and formats... from small cards, to folded booklets, table seating plans and large signage!
Based on your country of residence, please click the relevant link below. 

UK: Printed
USA and Canada: Prints of Love ~use code connieandjoan10 for a 10% discount!

Gatefold Cards:
Many of you have asked whether Prints of Love can print Gatefold invitations.  Yes, they can!
Use their custom order form for a quick response and a quote based on how many gatefold cards you would like printed (best for USA and Canada). Where it asks if you were referred by a designer, type ConnieAndJoan as this helps them apply the appropriate discount and also understand the set up of the file: 


Template Sizes:
Please let me know if would like your template set up to a different size (as per the sizes available on the above printing websites), and I'll happily adjust it for you.  

Should you have any questions about my templates, or need some help with one of them, please  message me here!  

I'm also in the process of making some help videos, which I will be uploading here... (see below).

Lizzie :)

{Oh... and if you're wondering, Connie and Joan were my dear grandmothers.}


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