Helpful Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a Connie & Joan template.  

Follow this link for instructions on working with your Word document printable template

When using Word document templates, it is important to download and install the fonts associated with the design in order for the file to display correctly.  Instructions on where to find the fonts has been included with your download.  

How to Download and Install Fonts:

  1. The Instruction file included with your download has links to the free fonts used in the templates.  Follow the link and click the 'Download' button on the web page for downloading the font file. The font file will then download into the 'Downloads' folder on your computer or Mac. 
  2. Locate the font file in your 'Downloads' folder (it will have the extension .ttf or .otf and the first part of the file name will be the name of the font), and double click on it.  Click 'Install' when prompted.
  3. If you had Word or Pages open while installing the font, you will need to restart the program. At start up of Word or Pages the font list is populated, and it is at that point that the newly installed font will be included and your files will display as they should. 

Should you need any further help, please message me.